Feedback regarding the online art gallery - from NORWAY

All members of the public who saw the 15 artworks presented in the online art gallery responded to the following questions:

1. How did you find out about these artworks or exhibitions or what was the attraction factor that led you to see them online?
2. What impressed you or with what feeling you remained after seeing the artworks?
3. Would you recommend a friend to access the online gallery and to see the artworks?

1. Kornel wojciechowski 
After recommendation of a friend. I didn’t come across an advertisement on the internet, but I wasn’t looking for this topic either
All works are marked individually. All of them, without exception, make an impression. Because it’s about the impression here. A very interesting exhibition that can be experienced in a silence that is conducive to reflection.
Of course, I have already allowed myself to send a link to some friends, as I consider it a very important initiative. I have friends who, like me, like to experience art alone, without the hustle and bustle of public places.

2. Janine lovmo
I saw a post by one of the contributing Artists, Shachar Fishbain and followed the proverbial cookie crumb trail.
I would have liked to have some background music, the mobile version was a little difficult to navigate, but the guided tour on pc was fantastic. Very inspirational with the multimedia approach
I would and I have

3. Ofer Halperin
Heard about it from a friend, and very easy to see them online.
I was impressed by the diversity of the styles, and technics.
Yes, I have already forwarded the link to several friends.

4. Oren Hollander
I heard about the exhibition from my friend Shachar Fishbain who was engaged with it
Empathy and hope
No doubt I will

5. Arnt Fredheim
I sat in the jury for the Norwegian artists participating in this important project. When I see it now, in the context of similar central artistic initiatives and exhibitions in Europe just now, I am sure that the efforts performed by this group of European artists are of the highest importance for a non-stopping fight to integrate and help the human beings visited by the HIV ghost to a better life, so nobody is left on the balcony, as one of the works refer to.
The variety of perspectives, issues and ways of processing one of the most difficult and socially challenging illnesses in Modern times. It’s an immanent human trait constantly to try new ways of illuminating challenging and mind-blowing conundrums, particularly when it results in the making of a “us” and “them”. The exhibition opens new rooms in our minds, if we are willing to receive the out-reached keys.

6. Celine Rusvik
I think it is a little bit difficult for me to get the feeling watching it online, my computer is very slow so i didn’t get the feeling i think I would get if I saw it in real life. there is some really interesting artworks there.
Heard about the project from you + saw information about it on Facebook . I found it interesting because it put a light on life with hiv, which I think is very important to talk about, and use art to tell different stories.
Yes, would absolutely recommend a friend to access the online exhibition. 💫
I will give it a new watch later this week, I want to watch the YouTube videos, the dance looks so beautiful ❤️

7. Jon Løkke
I was in the jury and knew the prosject from “inside”
The impression is conected to the context for gay people – and the context is complex and problematic
Iwould recomend this ex to anyone

8. Tage Pettersen
I found the page through you and through our work on the jury. I had not found it on my own before it gets more publicity / that the link is shared etc.
It was strong to “walk” around the exhibition. There were many beautiful works of art – one by one. But together they formed a nice whole that spans well over the theme. It was surprisingly positive to see an exhibition digitally in this way.
YES !! I would like to help ensure a good spread of the exhibition.

9.Ingeborg Malterud
I know about this exib through a friend. And saw it now for the first time, when you sent med the link.
I do like the diversity among the pieces. Evolutionary the last one in the internetshow was Good.
Yes. Very Nice digital tour. Elegant design.

10. Kim Mellergård
Liked that there was great variety in the art. Especially liked the black and white photographs and the 2nd story that was told as a cartoon.
Very nice to be able to see art in a virtual gallery. Modern and innovative.
Good mix of paintings photographs and videos that tell about a very important topic

11. Erlend
I found learned about it through you talking about it and showing it to me.
What impressed me the most is how many different art styles, voices and medias aswell was united through an important theme. I think that the difference between the artworks lift eachother, and then the whole experience, and maybe that will open more eyes with different tastes.
I would definatly recommend to friends who I know will actually think about what they are looking at.

12. Liz Debon
I found out about the exhibition via Facebook link of one of the exhibiting artists – Shachar Fishbain – whose values and art I truly appreciate
There is a good variety of different art in the exhibition that can reach out and touch emotions in the viewer in various ways. Very detailed paintings with lots of details to consider, as well as more abstract art, photography and video media. The exhibition brought to mind the isolation that HIV positive people can feel from others. We all need sometimes a reminder to show more kindness and empathy. This is what lingered in my mind..
Yes I would recommend friends to access the art gallery online

13. Gry Aarkvisla Henæs
Found out about the exhibition from Mona Zimmermann Fishbain😊
I liked the showroom online. I was impressed by the variety in the works of art and I think the themes are highly relevant.
would definitely recommend a friend to see the artwork electronically.

14. Tanzil Rahber
Found them through a recommendation from a friend. Was immediately triggered by the concept.
Impressive image quality and «gallery feel». As well as a little irritation, it should have been faster to turn to the side, and there should have been an opportunity to automatically place yourself centered in front of an image, by clicking or double-clicking on the image, for example.

15. Moshiko Shukron
Got a link from a friend
I was surprised as it wad so fun to visit this online exhibition☺️ Infact, for me it was even better experience than visiting non virtual gallery!!
No doubt and I already shared the links to friends😀

16. Rony Horowitz
I heard about the exhibition from a good friend, who is involved, and was asked by him to have a look and to answer these questions.
I have watched the online exhibit on my large computer’s screen, but nevertheless it was too small for my eyes.
I was mainly impressed by the technology and the interesting idea of an online exhibition. This exhibition is done beautifully, but for me it cannot replace ‘the real thing’, 

As much as I would like to, and following my experience, I am not sure I will recommend it to my friends, which… I must say… are not so young anymore.

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