Call for Norwegian artists, authors and creators for the execution of artistic creations with a social theme

Call for Norwegian artists, authors and creators  for the execution of artistic creations with a social theme

If you are aware on what is happening around you, if you are artistically researching social issues and if you are interested in presenting into one of your creations the difficulties in everyday life that people living with HIV in Romania face, we invite you to apply to this opportunity organized within the project “When ContempART helps social!” implemented by Semper Musica Association Romania in partnership with the cultural Norwegian firm Zebel Design Fishbain.

This call for artistic creations/art works is dedicated to artists, authors and creators, including groups of Norwegian artists, in order to execute artistic creations with the specific objective of reducing the level of discrimination of people living with HIV.

Artistic proposals are expected in all media, including and not limited to painting, sculpture (including virtual 3D modeling), decorative arts or new media: digital art, animation, video art, photography, performance, happening, non-object art, conceptual art, interdisciplinary installation.

The period for submitting applications is April 15 – June 15, 2021 and involves two successive and mandatory stages/phases. The first stage (April 15 – May 15) is dedicated to the preparation of the application and means: sending a letter of intent, participating to an online discussion with a Romanian citizen living with HIV in Romania, facilitated by the Semper Music Association and Zebel Design Fishbain Norway and bibliography consultation, offered by the organizer.

After receiving the confirmation that the first stage application has been selected, the artist / collective of artists is/are invited to submit a full application containing: a letter of recommendation from the person in Romania with whom the artist previously discussed, an artistic statement, representing a description of the idea, the artistic vision which is the basis for the work to be created, the model / sketch / storyboard, a short description of the work and the artist’s portfolio. There are 4 main themes to be included in the artworks: LOVE, FRIENDSHIP, FAMILY, PERFORMANCE. This full application must be prepared and submitted online between May 15 and June 15, 2021.

Following the evaluation process made by a group of specialists, 5 artists / groups of Norwegian contemporary art artists will be selected, and three artists will be included on the reserve list. For the 5 selected artists, the period of research and production of artistic creation is July 1 – October 1, 2021. The production of the work / creation is covered and there is a fee for each of the 5 artists / groups of artists.

The exhibition containing the 5 works will be curated and presented online, at the end of 2021, and offline, in the same period, in a space in Bucharest, Romania. In the case of non-digital art proposals, all works will be scanned / digitized, these expenses, including the local transport of the works, being covered by the artist from the received funds. The international transport from Norway to Romania, if it will be the case, will be covered by Semper Musica Association Romania.

All details of application, selection and implementation can be found in the CALL guidelines.

  1. Modification 1 to the CALL guidelines
  2. Modification 2 to the CALL guidelines

For any other details you can find us on, at

For the Norwegian partner, Zebel Design Fishbain, the contact is:
E-mail address:

Looking forward to receiving your proposals!


The project “When ContempArt helps Social!” is based on the everyday challenges of the people from Romania and Norway living with HIV, in different aspects of their life: love and finding a life partner, family, finding and keeping friends, their job and/or sport performance. Through 15 art works proposed by 15 Romanian and Norwegian contemporary artists which will talk about all these challenges of the Romanian and Norwegian people living with HIV, we hope to increase the social integration of this group in both countries and decrease the faced level of discrimination and stigma. The project is organized by Semper Musica Association Romania in partnership with the cultural Norwegian firm, Zebel Fishbain Design.

This project is financed with the support of EEA Grants 2014 – 2021 within the RO-CULTURE Programme.

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