Daniel Sascău




HOW WAS 2021 FOR ME? A pandemic year with many restrictions in which yes, the cultural domain suffered a lot. From my point of view, maybe culture suffered the most. In 2021, 2020 and even 2022, is still the same and it looks still difficult to get over this pandemic situation. Yes, it was a tough year, but for me personally things went better than in 2020 and even 2019 because I participated to different projects, I finalized my master studies, I started my PhD, I am happy from this point of view and my involvement in the project organized by Semper Musica Association made me to forget these restrictions and everything related with them and made me focus on the possibility to create art disregard with what society gave us in the year which just passed.

WHAT MADE ME TO GET INVOLVE IN THIS PROJECT? The subject! The idea to contribute to a project in which there is a discussion about the life with HIV in Romania and Norway it seemed a generous theme, a topic of discussion which is not only a subject for a coffee with a friend or friends but also a working opportunity in this project you proposed and I think is necessary to all agree on the fact that the social domain should have a special place in any way of making art. Art is made for people and without this characteristic of art which is humanity, I don’t see how art could exist in a society which consumes a lot of perishable things.

WHAT INSPIRED ME TO DEVELOP MY ART WORK? I can say that the subject and my personal research; my artwork has a hidden part, it’s not easily getting open to everybody. The subject you provided inspired me but also the period in which I developed my artwork inspired me a lot. Every artist let him or herself to be inspired by the moment in time in which one is living and creating. The MESSAGE OF MY ARTWORK it’s a hidden message. My artwork is called DANCE and I wanted to transmit to the public the dance sensation and at the same time the sense of freedom. HIV, in the Romanian society and I bet in any other country in this world, is heavily stigmatized; it’s hard to get over the fact that are people who are suffering, have a disease, although to me it seems similar to diabetics or any transmissible disease; HIV remains a disease which has a lot of weight on ones shoulders and when somebody intervenes over ones sufferings and contributes to the difficulties one with HIV is facing, it’s unhuman and without any justification. My artwork – DANCE – is moving towards this direction. When I made this artwork, I felt the need to present to the public two characters which are sitting closely, together, and don’t really care about the outside world, about others opinions, opinions based usually on every persons education, the environment in which one lived, on so many factors which are in the end not relevant for the relations between people. I had the wonderful opportunity to know people living with HIV, people extremely smart, very open and people who had a specific joy in life and for life. And this surprised me pleasantly. I was a kid when I knew them, and I can say that I remained with the image of some people who are always fighting. The fact that many times their fight for some people seems useless it’s very sad. But I believe we can become a coherent social society, including with these people who, from my point of view, are normal and the same as any others. And through my artwork this is what I wanted to transmit, the concept of normality, of moving together… Actually, the project annoyed me, especially the title – The life of people living with HIV, which can be interpreted and considered stigma. And I wanted through my artwork, which is not including the big words which are making HIV, not to stigmatize, without being aware, by putting the word HIV in this discussion. Although HIV is a disease, a real one, and there are a lot of difficulties faced by the ones living with HIV, I did not want to create a bad environment for these people. We people are suffering from all kind of diseases and from different situations. Nobody should suffer and nobody should have the possibility to judge others, their sense and power to live. Only together, without stereotypes, without underlining differences…we can be better!  Most stereotypes are getting born from the lack of time people have to think, analyze and synthesize the information around. Romania has a lot to learn when it comes to acceptance everybody as they are and to make people responsible for their actions. But HEI, this is why there are calls like this one and artworks like mine which will make people living with HIV smile, me, through my artwork, hugging them all. My characters are staying one in the other’s arms and I wish every person who ever felt stigmatized because of one illness to understand that somebody, who do not know them, hugged them and accepted them as they are because they are beautiful and good people like all of us. I wish from my heart for the public to understand that life with HIV is as normal as any other life and I believe only together we can do more!